Sequin Look #2

Hola Family ❤

Happy Diwali to all of you. This post is for the girls who are not fond of wearing Indian outfit, for them this is the perfect look. As you already be knowing that i have done sequin look #1. To go through my previous look  Click here .

DSC09863 (2).JPG

DSC09857 (2).JPG

DSC09878 (2).JPG

DSC09873 (2).JPG

DSC09869 (2).JPG

Try out sequin this festive season.
Sequins are everywhere this fall-from shoes to pants to blazers and more. Nothing’s better than wearing something that makes you sparkle. Add a sequined item to a daytime outfit and you’re instantly ready for the night.

DSC09872 (2).JPG

DSC09891 (2).JPG

DSC09865 (2).JPG

Wear clothing that makes you feel confident. When picking out your outfit, make sure that you feel good in your clothes. Ultimately, you should be dressing nicely for yourself rather than dressing for anyone else. It is important to feel comfortable and happy in the clothes that you are wearing; projecting confidence and enthusiasm will give your outfit that extra, energetic boost.

DSC09874 (3).JPG

DSC09866 (2).JPG

DSC09865 (2).JPG

DSC09875 (2).JPG

DSC09861 (2).JPG

DSC09855 (2).JPG

I wore a blue sequin dress along with silver heels and blue clutch. I love the heels add just a little more pizazz to the outfit! And again, the silver is so surprisingly versatile… Goes with just about everything! To complete this look I used red lip colour  on my lips. I have carried  nude colour belt which adds spark to this outfit as well as divides the dress into two halves. The upper portion of the dress is not having too much sequin work but the lower portion of the dress has sequin embroidery  which enhances the look.


DSC09889 (2).JPG

DSC09885 (2).JPG

DSC09880 (2).JPG

Outfit Details.



Lip Colour-Maybelline Color Show Lipstick, Fuschia Flare

Picture Courtesy- Akanksha Yadav

DSC09883 (2).JPG

DSC09906 (2).JPG

DSC09887 (2).JPG

DSC09900 (2).JPG

Hope you guys liked it.🙂

This is all for today.

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See you for my next post!! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤



2 Comments Add yours

  1. tarry says:

    Looking so cute my shiny disco ball. The outfit has such 80s feel… lovely


    1. fashionbydolly says:

      Thank you dee :*


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