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Hola Family ❤

How are you doing? I am good as always. Hope you all enjoyed Dilwali as I did. Still I am in festive mode. 😀

DSC00044 (2).JPG
Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date from a fashion standpoint, but it’s an ever evolving world that’s hard to stay on top of.
Recently I received three dresses from Fashion Subway . They have trendy collection. You can get stitched any design and pattern you want. Its one of the best store which provides you with stylist clothes under your budget. They do not keep the stock ready but they can provide you with every size and pattern you want to carry.

Some or the other times it happens that you want to wear something that is not easily available at stores as well as online and this Instagram store will help you to get that outfit easily and you can get any trendy dress or top stitched here.

Look 1

DSC00036 (2).JPG

DSC00046 (2).JPG

DSC00038 (2).JPG

DSC00042 (2).JPG

This is the first look in which I have carried a golden sequin dress. Its stitching is perfect and fine as well as the finishing is clear. The dress has round and deep neck. To complete this look I have carried dark brown pumps and opened my hairs. I have applied Red Lip colour on my lips.

Outfit details:

Heels- Woodland

Lip colour- MAC

Dress- Fashion Subway

DSC00068 (2).JPG

Look 2

DSC00061 (2).JPG

DSC00062 (2).JPG

This is the second outfit I have received from Fashion Subway.  Its an off-shoulder dress. Off shoulder dresses seems to be trendy,modern and fabulous. They are impeccable choice for summers. Don’t hesitate to play with texture garments and free yourself to try unique manifestations.  I am wearing a blue shorts with this top but the length of the top is not allowing the shorts to be visible. You can carry this top with capri . Try out different kinds of accessories. Accessories are not just limited to jewelry and shoes. You can really spice up an outfit by adding an accent scarf, a colorful belt, a stylish hat or a head gear. Play around with different kinds of accessories that fit into your style. I have carried a head gear to complete this look instead of earring and neck piece and made a bun. To complete this look I have carried nude peeptoes.

DSC00058 (3).JPG

DSC00071 (4).JPG

Outfit details:

Heels – Flipkart

Top- Fashion Subway

Head gear- DIY


DSC00081 (2).JPG

Look 3

DSC00092 (2).JPG

DSC00094 (2).JPG

Its a party wear dress and the quality of lace is too good. Better quality lace is more suited for evening wear and special occasions. Short length dresses and gowns can be quite elegant. Black lace is great for creating drama, but don’t be afraid to try white or cream lace either. If you are worried about white lace being a bit too bridal, team it with colourful accessories or add some colourful trims. One tip to keep in mind when learning how to wear lace is to limit the amount of jewelry you add to your outfit.While a pair of earrings can help spice things up, too many baubles can spell a fashion disaster. To create this look I am wearing a lace dress and added red lip colour, footwear and flower on my hairs.

DSC00096 (2).JPG

DSC00098 (2).JPG

DSC00099 (2).JPG

Outfit details:

Dress- Fashion Subway

Accessory- Globus

Lip colour-MAC

Heels- Flipkart

Hope you remember Little red dress and Co-ords (Skirt and Crop Top)  . I got it stitched it from  Fashion Subway.



Hope you guys liked it.🙂

This is all for today.

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  1. Tabinda Naaz says:

    Loved all the dresses dolly 😘 great work 😘


    1. fashionbydolly says:

      Thank you…… It means a lot 🙂


  2. divyamisra2 says:

    I loved that combination of white dress with red heels 😍 fantastic true ! Great post ! Always treat to eyes !


    1. fashionbydolly says:

      Thank you :*


  3. Neelam says:

    Looking pretty 🙂


    1. Thanks 😚😚😚


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