Rock Autumn

Hola Family<3

How are you all doing? I am absolutely fine and enjoying autumn. Sorry for being one day late. I know that fall doesn’t really get going for a month but it seems like I always blink and it’s over so I’d like you all to be prepared. Its one of my favourite autumn look 🙂

DSC09971 (3).JPGDSC09970 (3) - Copy.JPGdsc09927-2-copy

Jackets are a fantastic way to incorporate tomboy and chic. They are lightweight but still give added warmth as the season begins to change. This stylish trend is available at all price points and in a variety of fabrications. Show your fall spirit! People are so used to seeing the normal neutral trenches in the Autumn . Why not mix it up a bit and get one that will attract every eye in the room? Wear a pastel one, bright one, or metallic one to be the trendiest chick in the neighborhood! Pair it with heels and a skirt to amp it up! It is always not compulsory to wear dull colours in Autumn.

People think that dull colours are for Autumn but it is not so. If you like bright and metallic colours then go for it.

DSC09948 (3) - Copy.JPGDSC09920 (2) - Copy.JPGDSC09929 (3) - Copy.JPGDSC09951 (3) - Copy.JPG

Sometimes wearing the same colour’s footwear and caring the same colour’s sling bag really works. Isn’t it? Consider the occasion you are dressing for. When planning your outfit, think about what you will be doing in that outfit. Different events call for different kinds of clothing. If you are going for some party then this will be perfect to carry but for a normal day you can carry this outfit with flats and of course the make up should be less.

As you know that I really love accessorising myself so i have add two neck piece to my look. It totally depend upon you whether you want to accessories yourself or not.

DSC09921 (3) - Copy.JPGDSC09964 (2).JPG

Although people restrict themselves from wearing bright colours in autumn but there is no such rule. Break all the rules and dress according to your will. In this look I am wearing a shorts and a floral print top and neon yellow coat. Added a chic sling bag and some accessories too. To complete this look I have carried stilettos and on my lips I haven’t put brown or nude. I am ready to go. Break all the rules of fall this time.

DSC09936 (3) - Copy.JPGDSC09947 (3) - Copy.JPG

Outfit Details:

Coat- Lucknow Mohatsav

Shorts- F21

Top- Raj Shoe Co.

Slig Bag- Eleegance

Watch and Accessories- Gifted

Footwear- Myntra

Lip colour-  Maybelline Color Show Lipstick, Fuschia Flare


DSC09942 (3) - Copy.JPG

DSC09943 (3) - Copy.JPG

This is all for today.

Hope you guys liked it.🙂

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See you for my next post!! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤




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