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Hello Family ❤

How have you been doing? I am great this winters. Happy Winters to you all enjoy the weather.

So, If you are following me on instagram you would be knowing that I asked you all to dm me and let me know  in which look you want to see me. And the only dms I got were of wedding and ethnic look, many of you personally asked me to do the wedding look so here I am. As wedding season is here so, I thought of doing this post as soon as possible.


Weddings are the perfect Indian festival – traditional, fun, colourful and joyous! Indian females have a whole lot of options in their wardrobe to choose from when it comes to traditional wear. While we all know how traditional Sarees and Anarkali suits are with the Indian females in contemporary times, there is no doubting the fact that the Lehenga remains a classic favorite.

So, recently I received a blue lehenga from Fashion SubwayAs in my last collaboration,(CLICK HERE TO WATCH ) I told you all that they have pretty ethnic and wedding collection too. Their stitching is mind blowing. Every time I wear their attire I feel like extra ordinary among the people.



With the reds and greens taking a backseat this season, the one bright colour that has come to the fore is blue. Be it navy blue or turquoise blue, this colour looks royal in any shade and that makes it perfect to be used in wedding attire. It has to be special. It has to make you look exquisite, beautiful, glamorous, comfortable as well as ecstatic.

The quality of cloth is nice. You won’t easily find these kind of blouse. This lehenga is flawless. If you want it in any other colour you can easily get it from Fashion Subway.



You can go for variations  colours and choose from aquamarine, fuchsia, baby pink or lavender. While choosing a colour, you can feel that each colour gives off a different vibe.

And you know what? Even curvy girls can apt for this lehenga as it has  a slim belt and can be wore high waist as well. You can also drape your dupatta as you do while wearing saree. I feel absolutely free without dupatta so I have not carried it with this attire but it is not same for all. So, if you like to carry a dupatta along this outfit you can.



Blouse of this lehenga is really pretty half of the blouse has net and the other half has silk. Certain fabrics such as Lycra and Satin tend to keep to the body, which is a bad idea if you want to look slim in lehenga. Instead, go for blouses made of varieties of silk such as tussar, brocade, or chanderi, with a mix of cotton. Cotton silk fabrics are your best bet especially when it comes to the blouse or choli for your lehenga. They are comfortable to wear. Blouse of this attire gives it chic look. Instead of heavy jewelry I paired this lehenga with golden ear cuffs and that hand bag. It has stones on it and it is really going well with this outfit.



This pull through braid has been made by my sister  Akanksha Yadav.  And I think without this braid my outfit is incomplete. This braid is so classic and accurate. Coming on my make up I used blue liner to give dramatic as well as eye catching effect. On my lips I have used pink lipstick.

Though my footwear are not visible in the pictures but I was wearing golden stilettos.

This is all for today.




Outfit Details-

Lehenga- Fashion Subway.

Ear cuff- Mom’s Wardrobe.

Clutch- Elegance

Photography- Akanksha Yadav


Hope you guys liked it.🙂

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See you for my next post!! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤



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