Long Coat

Hello lovely readers.
I am here with the second post of the week as I promised you all.


I am really not at all liking the winters. And winters is all about being in blanket all day and night none of us like to go school, colleges and office. Its really becomes difficult for each one of us to look attractive and sexy in winters.


One of the biggest looks out there, that everyone with a long coat on their backs seems to be doing is the hobo-chic meets Tom-boy-ish style. Sneakers, jeans or even skirts of all sorts, slouchy sweaters, tees, jumpers and a massive coat on top. Sunglasses and a beanie for bright light winter days but this is really different for them.
Again I have received a crop top from fashion Subway .With this top I tried to create an effortless as well as retro chick look. In order to make it work keep your look simple, minimal, fresh and elegant.
This top is made up of cotton. To create this look I have carried it with grey pant and coat and of course! these black wedges but If you want to wear the same outfit in a party then replace the pants with the skirt.


Crop tops have been everywhere this season, from the city streets to the runways. If hearing the word crop top conjures up scary images of belly-baring 90’s pop stars, you’re not alone. It’s certainly not the easiest trend to style, and it takes a somewhat daring fashion sense. For one thing, a crop top doesn’t automatically mean a bared bellybutton. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a demure hint of skin, and not your whole stomach as I am wearing it. Many of you would wonder that crop tops can be worn in winters too. Now the crop top is back.


When the sea of crop tops initially reappeared, we wondered: Did a perpetrator come in and hack off the bottoms of every shirt in this store? Isn’t it too revealing to show so much skin? We felt slightly aghast, a little shy, but all the while: curious. Could we pull off this trend, too?


Our relationship with winter coats (or even autumn trench coats) over the years has been both static as well las hectic (much like any human relationship after a while). We’re always together once it gets too chilly to walk around half naked, but we always go back and forth between types of coats. I’ve been crushing hard on this long coat this season which serves as a refreshing color option particularly during the holiday party circuit. This look is as perfect for for the workweek as well. This coat deserves special attention and is easily one of my very favorite finds of the season because it looks rich, glamorous, Refined and sophisticated.
The great thing about long coats, aside from the above is the fact that they do keep us warmer, they do allow a lot of layers and lengths play, and they’re a statement yet classy piece that will never be out of style.
What do you think my gorgeous fashion lovers: are you into long coats or you think perhaps they’re way too dramatic and hobo sans chic?


Outfit Details:

Coat- Zara

Pant- Globus

Crop top- Fashion Subway

Wedges- Reliance trends


Hope you guys liked it.🙂

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See you for my next post!! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tarry says:

    You look really pretty dolly. And what an awesome way to wear crop tops in winters.


    1. admin says:

      Thank you dee :*


  2. Sahiba says:

    Best post dolly 💖💋 you look wow


    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much it means alot ❤


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