Leather Jacket ft. Get Gorgeous

Hello Love ❤  Hope you guys are doing good and have checked my last post. I’ll be doing two posts this week 🙂



Thank you soooo much for all the love and support last year. You have made me go crazy on my b’day because I have got 10k followers on instagram, Yay! This year has just started and I have been so lucky from day one. Lets switch to today’s blog.


Leather is a timeless trend. Keep it safe this Winter by wearing a leather jacket on. In today’s blog post I decided to share with you my favorite outfit ideas on how to wear leather jacket when it’s pretty cold outside. Leather jackets have typically been associated with bikers or rockstars because of their rugged and dominant characteristics, but not any more. Jackets crafted from leather have become a wardrobe essential, and owning one is a matter of pride. You can go so far as to say a wardrobe is incomplete without a leather piece. However wearing a leather jacket can be tricky. With the obvious fear of looking over dressed or being stereotyped, you often hang your jackets in your closet untouched for years, waiting for the right mood and occasion. I am planning to pair some more outfit with the same leather jacket. Here is the first look of this leather jacket.


Avoid wearing multiple leather pieces together. For e.g. Don’t pair a leather jacket with a leather pant or skirt. Keep in mind, the trick to donning leather is to keep your outfit simple.


Trust me, this beautiful outerwear piece is an ideal choice for fall and winter months. There are endless options how to style this beautiful topper. Many gals are unsure of how to wear it during Winter months. This beautiful jacket can be worn over cardigans, hoodies, knitwear, or atop warm layered tops. Chunky flat booties embellished with studs and metal accents and leopard printed accessories, including hat and a clutch. I love the following leopard sunglasses. That’s another pretty off-duty look. Brown leather jacket looks vintage. You can try it on with white tee and bulky scarf.



For this look I picked my favourite tan leather jacket and paired it with a dress from  Fashion Subway . This dress has a front chain and V-shape neckline. The colour of this dress is perfect for the winters. The day I went for this shoot it was quite sunny that day so, I haven’t any bottom wear with it but if its chilly outside then you can carry stockings with it. I carried a black choker with my outfit. You can easily get these kind of chokers in your own city and if you are not able to find then nearby then you can order it online too. From now I’ll not go for dressy makeover rather i’ll try nude make up as I did in this post.



Outfit Details:

Dress- Fashion Subway

Boots- Flipkart

Leather Jacket- Get Gorgeous

This is all for today.


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