Formally Informal (Winters)

Hola love ❤

Did you really like winters?




Personally, I don’t. In winters you always have to cover yourself by layering and look like potato, and I hate it too much, But can’t help it out because you can’t do anything else than covering yourself with lot many clothes.

We have lot many options of getting ready for a winter party but what about if your friends call you from your work or asks you to join them in the middle of your office time?


Eighty percent of you will say no to it. But I think this look will help you for an emergency invitation for a party by your friend.




Sunglasses should be worn whatever the season.
Day or night, rain or shine, wear your shades. For they exist only for one purpose — to make you look perfect.

Dress to your job environment. Not all offices are as strict, and not all offices are as casual as you may want. For the interview, always dress a little more formal then you think. Once you land the job you can see how your office dresses and adapt. However, always keep in mind to dress for the job you wan.




Grey doesn’t mean a boring color. It is an ideal office style base, but I do not recommend wearing it from head to toe. It’s better to combine it with any other colour. Grey color mixes well with any shade from pink to black green. I combined it with black and royal blue.


Long coats can be tricky for us petite gals. But if you find the right one, they can really make your outfit sophisticated and very Parisian chic. Here are few thing to keep in mind :

1.Look for one that falls at your calf or above the knee (midi length).

2.Wear it with skinny jeans, slim trousers or a fitted dress if you apt to wear it other than office.

3.For a more polished, sleek appearance, betting on an oversized coat in greyish shades can be an option.

4.Go for structured coats. They flatter petite frames better.





To create this look I picked up a grey long coat from my wardrobe and paired it with a grey pant and, a blue woolen top with collars. To give it fun look I added some accessories to the outfit. My shoes compliments my bag. I made a bun to give this outfit a satisfying formal look. My shades complete my look.




I hope this look is going to help you out.

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See you for my next post!! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤



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