Summer Affair

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“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent



How are you feeling these days? I am very much bored these days. Days are so hot and going out is headache these days. As you know I have already done some posts with , for this one also I collaborated with them.


Do you know why you should wear white in summers?

White is an achromatic color. Any surface that reflects all the light it receives, looks white. Black absorbs light totally, other colors absorb selectively, and white does not absorb at all.

It is a strategy to remain cool, and gentle on the viewer’s eye, but the fabric would matter. A warm fabric liiske wool, velvet, suede or gabardine in white will not help in remaining cool.


About Anushaa Clothing
Anushaa Clothing is a label established by Anusha Aijaz, who pursued her Design degree at NIIFT, Mohali; the products styled, designed and created by her. She has worked with fashion houses in New Delhi and has gained expertise in fabrics, embroideries and garment construction. She has also received the Award for the Best Design Collection in the year 2013 at her Fashion College.
The product line that the Studio caters to namely areTunics, Kurta Sets, Suit Sets, scarves as well as Dupattas.




About the Look

This one is a white kurti which I wore as a dress. If you want you can pair it with leggings or jeggings. I felt that this kurti can be worn like a dress so I choose to wear it like that. The dress has beautiful white embroidery on white cloth. Both the upper part of the dress and the lower part have embroidery on it.

Instead of adding some colourful heels to this outfit I apt for these silver ones. I felt that ththw dress is not very colourful so I added a statement neckpiece with it. You can carry this outfit in some evening party or a brunch date.


Outfit Details-



Neck piece- Macy’s

Lip shade- Kylie

#Chikankaari Dress(2)

This is all for today.

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