Shirt Dress

Hola Love ❤

“Every summer has it own story, Summer means happy times and good sunshine.”




SHIRT DRESSES we can never have too many dresses ideas for the hot season, especially when they’re a perfect style combo of casual to even office wear. Such a perfect combo holds the SHIRT DRESS. What is a shirt dress? Basically it’s a longer version of a shirt, button-down usually, slightly over sized, long, that looks like a shirt but acts like a dress.




Roll up your sleeves. Wear thin layered necklaces or a massive bracelet. And remember you can even wear such dresses on your summer vacation.



A good shirt dress is very difficult to find. I wanted to wear shirt dress so badly. This one is a shirt from my dad’s wardrobe. I know its little weird but while going through my dad’s wardrobe I found this shirt which I loved and was very simple as well the colour was so graceful . I will always prefer to wear a full sleeve shirt in summers rather than wearing a cut sleeve shirt dress.



The shirt was not of my size so I got it altered of my size. I apt to wear this dress with black puma sneakers which gives this dress a sporty look. I found the look very simple, so  I added statement neck piece to this outfit. I winged my eyeliner beacause I wanted this look to be different. This look is a mixture of sporty and feminine.



Outfit Details-

Shirt- Dad’s Wardrobe

Shoes- Puma

Neck Piece- Lucknow Mohatsav




This is all for today.

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Love ❤


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  1. Sahib Singh says:

    AWSUM 😘😘


  2. Lavanya Shakya says:

    Awsm really pretty😍


    1. Thank you beautiful 😙


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