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“A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory.”


PerfumeBooth is a retail perfume enterprise that provides doorstep delivery of branded international fragrance. Fragrance could be the expression of your style, mood and happiness. Keeping in mind these little things, perfume booth had arrived with their new and developed strategies for Indian fragrance market. PerfumeBooth offers amazing fragrances from all over the world at affordable prices.


About their Work

With the latest innovation of Perfumebooth.com which gives its customers a feasibility to choose his/ her favorite scent from seven different Selfie sticks of internationally approved brands. This way you are now open to try new unknown fragrances before spending your crisp hard cash guessing the perfume with more sophisticated names.
For about a year they thoroughly studied and researched the Indian market and devised this plan in a manner that the customers get to try their perfumes before they buy them. A unique concept that has never been explored before, they managed to eliminate the various steps in marketing and distributing a perfume and brought premium quality fragrances from all over the world directly to the customers using the PerfumeBooth.

The original fragrances are from brands like Lomani, Emper, Baug Sons, Chris Adams, Maryaj, English Blazer, Louis Cardin and many more. The new innovative concept of Perfume Selfie lets the customer carefully select their favorite perfume from the six tester Perfumes Selfie series customized separately for Men’s & Women. Each tester consists of seven fragrances for your seven day mood swings.





PerfumeBooth Selfies for Men – Caznova, Mazculine & Wyld

PerfumeBooth Selfies for Women – Lurve, Teaze & Sophistique

BOX Content

You can even buy 100mL of these lovely 42 fragrances separately for Rs 1400.00


Perfume is something that we all love to use to smell great and it is my daily accessory before I go out. When I saw the Perfume Selfie box by PerfumeBooth, I was intrigued. We all like perfumes however, trying a different lot of varieties means emptying your pocket, as you know good perfumes are expensive. A perfume selfie box contains 7 small testers, each with a different fragrance and a case which allow you to place one perfume in it. It mainly delivers fruity, floral, feminine smell with some testers having woody and musky notes. Each vial has 4mL of perfume giving a total of 28mL in one kit. All the perfumes belong to high quality brands which are tested and remain good for skin throughout.

PerfumeBooth Perfume Selfie – Lurve



As I first opened the package, the beautiful and elegant packaging had already got me excited. It is compact and well organized and could be carried anywhere with ease. Perfume Selfie Booth is well thought off product from them. I got my hands on with the variant “Lurve”. Its a hard Cardboard container which splits open, exposing the content. Inside the Booth Box, there are seven perfume vials from different international perfume brands and a vial holder at the center. The perfumes are spread around a central vial holder, which can be used to house any one of them.

The seven perfumes included in the box are:

  • Maryaj – Viveca
  • Louis Cardin – Gold
  • Baug Sons Creation – Creation Pour Femme
  • Emper – Lady Presidente
  • Emper – Chiffon
  • Parfums Lomani Paris – Sensual
  • Chris Adams – True Reflection

My favorite fragrances out of the seven are Parfums Lomani Paris – Sensual and Emper – Lady Presidente. Its hard to describe the fragrances on their own but one thing I would say is, they are all amazing. Try it to love it. If you want to try an expensive perfume and you are hesitant about investing your money on its full sized bottle, this is definitely for you. You can try and maybe later order a full size bottle of the one you love with the included gift voucher.

Things to like: 

  • Inexpensive and value for money.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • A fragrance for everyone. Varieties to choose from.
  • Options for men & women.
  • Full size option for every fragrance is available.
  • Comes with an included Gift Voucher.
  • Could be a great gifting option.


The Selfie range of perfume can be a great option in your list of next purchase. The scent flies to invisibility, but always stays in memory, the trigger is in your hands, try the new ranges of the best brands.

Link – International Perfume

LinkPerfume Selfie Box

You can also check them out on:


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