Diwali Vibes

Hola love ❤


Happy Diwali to all. Hope you are enjoying Diwali without cackers.


You must have spotted at least one fashionista wearing a tulle dress or a tulle skirt in last few months. The skirts come in mini, midi and maxi, in colors like black, white and pink and are being styled super glam, edgy or perfectly sex-in the-city-chic. One thing is for sure; eveone love the tulle skirt!


Don’t know about you, but I am loving all that is happening in fashion these days. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s all a bit chaotic and all over the place, with everything in and nothing out, but just think about it? No more style boundaries. No more rules. Every style compromise and once sartorial concession seemed to have literally vanished.


One day women want to be glamorous femmes fatales, the other it’s all about channeling your Tom boy’ish persona. Okay, let’s stick to today’s post.

So the tulle skirt is back. And I kinda love it. It’s retro. Feminine. Girly. Incredibly chic and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure you might look like a pretty overly decorated cake or those massive ice-creams.



Basically it embodies everything us girls love about fashion, and going all the way with the tulle skirt is acceptable.

When I wear tulle it sort of makes me feel like a modern Princess. So, for this look I paired a tulle skirt with an off – shoulder top for this festive season, and it is perfect for festival like Diwali. You can even wear tulle skirt with a chic crop top as well as with a tube top.


Outfit Details –

Skirt – ASOS

Top – wadrobenextdoor (Insagram)

Earing – Globus (Gifted)


This is all for today.

Do check them out and order one for yourself.

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See you for my next post! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤

Shivangi 💋

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