Peachy Peach

Hi I am excited to share my favorite autumn + summer festival fashion look with you!



I KNOW is a high street fashion brand for taste-makers and trend-breakers all over the country. I KNOW the brainchild of Timsy and Siddhartha has been raised by the duo that comes from completely diverse backgrounds. They believe that the latest fashion is the canvas of the economic environment, consumer behaviors, attitudes and emotions. Founders of I KNOW, Timsy and Siddhartha have an incredible understanding of silhouette development and their own preference of more minimal and uncluttered design make for strikingly contemporary sensibility.
Since its inception in 2010 I KNOW has grown to become a legit style source for fashion-forward girls in India who shy away from the mainstream and shop at offbeat alleys, indie-chic nooks and quirky boutiques. I KNOW’s designs are inspired by the unexpected. They look at fashion design as an art form and enjoy working with different fabrics, style lines and concepts.
Is I KNOW for everyone? Definitely not! They are a cool girls’ brand. Girls who know their fashion, but aren’t slaves to it. Girls who dress up for themselves without caring about fitting in or standing out. Girls who are body confident regardless of size. Girls who know they own every room they’re in. Girls who look beyond “so last season” or “so now”, to wear what they love in the best way possible – their own way.



If you know me, you know I tend to gravitate towards outfits that makes you feel good no matter what you may be doing that day. I’m a sucker for peach which are perfect for festival season! This cold shoulder fitted dress with trendy heels are an ideal look for those outdoor concerts or summer festivals. Why? Not only will your look stand out but you’ll be major comfortable! Because comfort is real life and key to having a killer time 🙌🏻


The only thing I want to go out in this would be a matching bag and a set of earrings. The dress already has a up scaling look, so keeping it minimal was my style to go. If you decide to walk out casually just put on some flats for those heels and you’ll be ready to go.


What is your favorite festival fashion piece?

Outfit Details – I Know

Heels- Flipkart

Bag- Lucknow

Earing- Gifted


This is all for today.

Always willing to know your opinions. So do share.

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See you for my next post! Till then keep smiling 🙂

Love ❤


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